Accelerate company worth through information and analytics

Accelerate company worth through information and analytics

Qlik Data Statistics Platform

Bring actionable ideas into every choice with full BI program everywhere.

Qlik Data Integration System

Operationalise DataOps for analytics, delivering trusted analytics-ready information in virtually real time.

Data Statistics as something

Develop an Analytics middle of superiority, assisting companies to influence facts more effectively.

Qlik Data Literacy Plan

Maximize the value of your computer data and statistics expenditures with your data literacy knowledge.

When data guides, change observe. Learn more complete facts statistics platform for modern-day business cleverness.

We might love to seak for your requirements about Qlik and how we can guide you to determine the story of facts.

Qlik Feeling

The essential strong and complete remedy for contemporary BI

All of our next-generation information statistics program empowers every user to complete most with data. Combine a variety of facts root, it doesn’t matter what big or complex.

Freely check out interactive options, worldwide look, and normal words interacting with each other. And see additional with powerful, wise visualisations and AI-generated ideas. You’re not restricted to linear research or difficult information prep.


Our traditional guided statistics remedy

QlikView enables you to fast develop and deliver entertaining directed analytics software and dashboards.

QlikView as well as the game-changing Associative motor it really is constructed on, revolutionised the way companies use data, getting BI in the possession of of more and more people than ever before.

Qlik awareness is actually for everyone – managers, decision-makers, analysts… you. Help any BI utilize situation and allow people easily search and check out to uncover ideas they won’t see with query-based BI technology.

Enhanced cleverness instantly raises the facts literacy of every user, recommending ideas and automating processes while knowledge the questions you have and answering in all-natural code.

With a genuine multi-cloud buildings, deploy any combination of SaaS, on-premise, and private cloud. Level with confidence with enterprise-class data integration, available APIs, and flexible governance.

Ride the second trend with Qlik feel. Start your own free trial offer.

Offer faster, much better ideas with latest DataOps for statistics from Qlik (Attunity).

To lead in electronic get older, everyone else inside business needs easy access to modern and a lot of precise information. Qlik enables a DataOps method, vastly accelerating the development and availability of real time, analytics-ready data by automating information streaming (CDC), elegance, cataloguing and publishing.

DataOps for Analytics

Modern data integration which provides real time, analytics-ready and actionable facts to almost any analytics ecosystem, from Qlik to Tableau, PowerBI and past.

Stretch business information into real time channels to allow contemporary statistics and microservices with straightforward, real-time and universal solution.

Easily build, establish, deploy and manage purpose-built information stores without handbook coding.

Automate intricate consumption and change procedures to offer constantly up-to-date and analytics-ready information lakes.

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Qlik Data Literacy Regimen

Facts literacy is the power to look over, work with, analyse and talk to information. It’s an art that empowers all degrees of workers to ask the best issues of information and gadgets, build information, render decisions, and connect definition to other people.

Why is data literacy essential your online business?

IDC, a major international company of markets cleverness, forecasts a ten-fold rise in worldwide facts by 2025. More and more, data-driven organisations will develop data literate workers that contribute more to their roles which help companies sharpen their aggressive sides in an aggressive international economic climate.

It’s a technique that can convert your organization while design support with a staff that’s energised and empowered by the financial investment in their expert developing.

Exactly why everybody need information literate | TEDxBoise Jordan Morrow, international mind of information Literacy, Qlik

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