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An easy is the piece of writing, where the writer gives his/her opinion on a topic. It can be formal and informal. Essay word comes from the Latin word “exagium” which means a presentation of the case. It outlines the author perspective or argument.

Writing an academic essay is not very difficult once you understand the basics of it. The essay should highlight your opinion supported by relevant evidence. Here are some ways by which a student can improve the quality of their essay.

1.    Outline – before you start writing an essay, make an overview of want you want to say. It is the easiest way to narrow down things and give proper arguments. The basic structure of an English essay includes an introduction, the body of the essay separated by paragraphs and a conclusion to tie it all up. You should include evidence in for and against of the topic.

2.    Grammar and punctuation – These are incredibly important when you write an essay. They should be taken very seriously. Grammar includes the sentence formation, verb-subject agreement, use of nouns, and proper use of articles. Be mindful of all the grammatical and punctuation error that can be there in your writing. Also, the active voice is critical while writing an essay. Use active voice instead of passive wherever necessary. The style you use in essay should be formal.

3.    Use the right vocabulary – Linguistics skills are essential especially in academic essay writing. Make the choice of the right word for your essay and make intelligent arguments. Use difficult words to sound intelligent but do not be over smart. If you don’t know the actual usage of that word, then drop it. So while writing the essay chose the right words that will perfectly suit the meaning of an essay.

English Assignment Help