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Devesh Chavan July 28, 2017 What is a Virtual Assistant Comments Off on Confused to Hire Virtual Assistant or Freelancers? Virtual Assistant India | YourDailyTasks

A Virtual Assistant is a short-term worker who works for businesses and organizations online. The employer could be at a great distance from the assistant. He is an independent contractor offering administrative, technical, or in some cases creative assistance to clients.

A freelancer, on the other hand, is a self-employed person working in an industry or profession in which full-time employment is usually common.

Virtual assistant services employ professionals that are assigned to several clients. You typically check with a project manager. Freelancers are generally self-employed and work independently. You work directly with them without an intermediate firm. Both VA service providers and freelancers could be of great benefit to your company. They can take care of the additional workload that’s suffocating your staff when you just can’t take on another employee.

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