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Customer service is an integral part of the business. In the time of online retail and social media, most businesses realize the hidden value in customer service and its positive correlation to business success. Over 50% of customers across all age groups prefer phone communication to reach out to a service team, making it the most-used channel for customer service, a survey by Zendesk found.

The ongoing covid-19 pandemic has shone a spotlight on the function, largely underrated. Many global companies are now focussing on ramping up their customer service business, due to a spike in demand. So what is driving this demand? What are the essential tools used for managing customer expectations? What is the difference between call and contact center software? Let us delve deeper and understand.

Companies make customer interactions through two essential ways– call and contact centers. For many, call center and contact center are interchangeable terms. Any operation concerning customer service is viewed as a call center.  Whilst, they both aim to iron out customer issues by servicing them, there are key differences in their approach and engagement. Let us understand the differences in detail.

A call center follows the basic principles of servicing customers over phone calls only. The agents in a call center are known as customer service representatives, who handle customer inquiries, provide technical support and address customer service issues. Some call centers provide other services such as billing, reminder or payments due, sales and telemarketing phone calls. The focus is on key performance indicators such as average calls per agent per day, average talk time, and the number of tickets resolved among others.

Customer call centers are categorized based on the type of operation—inbound and outbound.  An inbound call center is a gateway for incoming calls from customers. Most of the calls primarily belong to existing customers who typically call for queries and issue resolution. Whereas an outbound call center is used for making outgoing calls to existing and potential customers. An outbound call center is valuable for marketing campaigns for cold calls, pitching products, market research, and sales calls. 

Call Center and Contact Center Software Complete Guide - HoduSoft

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