Myth of Seven Circumbulation around the Kaaba in Hinduism

In the Holy Quran God says, which interpretations is that: Pagan try to find some of complicated verses so that they could change them easily to disseminate the people from Islam. Not only such unbeliever can be found in older days but in all times, for example Myth of seven circumbulation around the Kaaba is being interpreted in wrong direction.Backlinks Image For Post

Islam is a
complete religion which evidently proves each complication as rational ways.
Several unschooled individuals present the Islam in some of wrong ways which is
not truly demonstration.

When it
comes to seven circle while performing the Hajj or Umrah, so there are some of
erroneous in Hinduism which may be guided to people in wrong permissive.
According to Hinduism, before the Islamic dominance Hindus worshiped their
“holy stone” in the form of circle as seven times which was located near the
holy river. Myth says, after the dominance of Islam such religious practice
changed into Islamic ways in the form of Kaaba in the Mecca. Moreover, circle
was remained likewise but just its direction turned into anti-clockwise.

However, the
reality is not as such which has wrong interpreted. Indeed the realism of
circumbulation is not starts from pagan Arab but long ago from Hazrat Ibrahim
(AS) to onward. As well as when it comes to seven circle actually the wife of
Hazrat Ibrahim (AS) climbed up the Holy Mountains seven times to discover the
water for her beloved son Hazrat Ismail (AS) at the age of baby boy. When he
felt thirst in the absence of his father Ibrahim (As) so, Hazrat Hajrah the
wife of Ibrahim (AS) repeated to climb up the Mountain and reason was obvious
that each time she came back to check her son whether he is safe & sound
from wild.

such action was so loved by the God that it has become the compulsory ritual
for coming generation. That’s why the pilgrims who go to Mecca to proceed the
Hajj or Umrah make circumbulation seven times because of reason behind above
mentioned. If whenever you get an opportunity to perform Hajj or Umrah, Umrah
is so that because it is lesser pilgrimage which is performed if you are not
capable for Hajj, so you may concentrate through the cheap
Umrah Package 2019 nevertheless, you must keep in your knowledge that
without scholarly circumbulation of Kaaba your execution would not be

There are several
others similarities which we find in Hinduism and in Islam such as Sawm that is
kept from dawn to dusk in Ramadan from Muslims but from Hindus just little bit
time in particular spell. Therefore, Ramadan has great significance as compared
to all others fasting seasons from others religion whatever Hinduism or
Christianity. Furthermore, the Ramadan is the month in which all the bad
spirits are closed to dungeons. And if you want to get maximum Divine’s reward
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