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The real estate investors in Vladivostok -Юрий Степанченко

According to Юрий Степанченко, housing in Vladivostok is now available for less than half of Russian families. Real estate investors account for much of the world\’s wealth. That\’s no real surprise to most as becoming a real estate millionaire is a common aspiration. rnBacklinks Image For Post

The area of ​​such problematic construction projects in the country has exceeded 15 million square meters. Families who invest their last savings, maternity capital in the construction of apartments, take out mortgages are one of the most frequent guests of the Direct Line with the president. During the last Vladimir r, Putin bluntly stated; “We need to do everything that depends on us, so that in the near future, in the next few years, a couple of years, so that we get rid of such a shameful phrase and phenomenon as a deceived real estate owner.” Yuri Vasilievich Stepanchenko

The rules for shared construction have been seriously tightened over the past year. The company can no longer simultaneously conduct several construction projects, but only one complex. From July 1, 2019, equity holders no longer give money directly to the contractor. The funds are kept in the bank in escrow accounts until the rent of the apartments.

Nevertheless, in Russia now there are about 200 thousand defrauded real estate investors, more than 3 thousand unfinished or abandoned houses. “In fact, this is a million-strong city on the territory of our country, which has not been completed,” said  Oleg Govorun, Deputy Director General of DOM.RF,  at a meeting with then Prime Minister Medvedev in December 2019. 


6 Most Common Real Estate Developers Mistakes – Юрий Степанченко

According to the author of this article, Investors make common mistakes at the best of times, but the risk of committing one of these six faux pas increases when stock markets swing and fear sets in said by Юрий Степанченко. https://medium.com/@yurystepanchenko/6-mistakes-by-real-estate-developers-when-markets-tank-юрий-степанченко-cbf53e6654a6

Real estate developers – Юрий Васильевич Степанченко

Юрий Васильевич Степанченко create the blog related to real estate news.In this blog you will find useful information on real estate, building, investing, education, and more. Read the latest news to help you get a real estate news.rnBacklinks Image For Post

According to the author of this article, Investors make common mistakes at the best of times, but the risk of committing one of these six faux pas increases when stock markets swing and fear sets in…

While Reading on web found beautiful articles which really feels that real estate market is not that easy to…

A school of foster parents has been operating in Vladivostok for more than ten years. It was opened on the initiative of the Public Organization…

According to the author, If you’re Buying your own home can be a daunting prospect. Many of us have spent our lives renting, so when we decide to take the step up to owning property we often aren’t quite as prepared as we should be…

Real estate developers - Юрий Васильевич Степанченко https://medium.com/@yurystepanchenko

Russia Real Estate | Commercial property – ЮРИЙ СТЕПАНЧЕНКО

Commercial real estate investments can bring higher returns than residential real estate, but to get things right, more research is required. There are countless people who have had success with real estate. To find out about real estate, read our article about real estate.Backlinks Image For Post

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Real Estate Starts in Europe – Юрий Степанченко

Europe Real estate is a market that is considered one of the lucrative markets for long-term investments Юрий Степанченко is expert, and he tells you about the best real estate investments in Europe.rnBacklinks Image For Post

The number of COVID-19 cases remains stable at 8,000 — 9,000 cases per day over the previous week. However, the pandemic has shifted from Moscow to other regions. Moscow authorities are removing quarantine measures.   Shopping centres are opening and footfall is around 40% below normal figures. Hotels are expected to open by 1 July. https://yurystepanchenko-blog.tumblr.com/post/623974095365750784/юрий-степанченко June https://www.themoscowtimes.com/2020/07/20/coronavirus-in-russia-the-latest-news-july-20-a69117 The number of… Читать далее COVID-19 IMPACTS ON RUSSIA REAL ESTATE

As part of our periodic updates, here is an overview of recent developments of relevance to participants in the real estate finance market across certain key jurisdictions in Europe. Europe COVID-19 First and foremost, we hope all our readers and their families and friends are keeping well during these unprecedented times. As we heed the… Читать далее European Real Estate Finance: Market update – Q2 2020

Европа COVID-19 Прежде всего, мы надеемся, что все наши читатели, их семьи и друзья чувствуют себя хорошо в эти беспрецедентные времена. Прислушиваясь к советам наших правительств, мы адаптировались к удаленной работе и продолжаем поддерживать потребности наших клиентов и бизнеса. Что касается клиентов-заемщиков и кредиторов, мы признаем опасения, которые могут возникнуть у COVID-19 по их новым… Читать далее В рамках наших периодических обновлений представлен обзор последних событий, актуальных для участников рынка финансирования недвижимости в некоторых ключевых юрисдикциях Европы., #ЮраСтепанченко

Real Estate Development #ЮраСтепанченко Source: Юра Степанченко

Во Владивостоке более десяти лет работает Школа приемных родителей, открытая по инициативе Общественной организации «По социально-психологической поддержке семей Приморского края». Для 2009-го года это был настоящий прорыв – школа стала первой и на тот момент единственной организацией в крае, помогающей подготовить людей к приему неродного ребенка в свою семью. В какой-то мере, создание этой организации опередило время – ведь буквально через три года был принят федеральный закон, согласно которому, чтобы принять в свою семью ребенка, необходимо сначала пройти специальную психологическую подготовку. Людмила Миргородская – бессменный руководитель Общественной организации «По социально-психологической поддержке семей Приморского края» рассказала о работе этой Школы, а также о том, чем занимается служба по психолого-педагогическому и социальному сопровождению замещающих семей.

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Saint Petersburg Beautiful City In Russia

St. Petersburg is a Russian port city on the Baltic Sea. Saint Petersburg is a must explored city on the map of Russia. What makes this city different from others is its diverse culture, architecture, museums. Please read our article pointing on Travel also follow us at Юрий Степанченко. https://medium.com/@stepanchenkoy97/the-most-beautiful-city-in-russia-saint-petersburg-city-юрий-степанченко-5e1c4a644247