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Auto Injury Chiropractor Decatur

Visit Decatur & top auto accident chiropractors at Chiro-Time Clinics Decatur. We specialize in personal injury care. Located at: 3660 Flat Shoals Rd #250 Decatur GA 30034rnBacklinks Image For Post

If you have been injured in an auto accident call Chiro-Time Clinics Decatur for your one stop shop in handling all of your accident needs. We have experience in handling auto accident cases in the Atlanta metro area and our auto accident injury team has everything in place to meet your needs.

Chiro-Time Clinics offers Chiropractic, Medical, and Physiotherapy at all our locations. Review the services below to learn more. We carefully document your injuries so you can Get Well and Get Paid!

Our skilled staff can provide you with effective chiropractic and medical care to minimize and eliminate your body’s aches and pains.

With our in-house medical team, patients receive quality medical care in addition to chiropractic and physical therapy. We provide a multi-discipline approach.

We offer a variety of physiotherapy modalities to assist with healing, pain relief, and returning to an active lifestyle.

Auto Injury Chiropractor Decatur https://www.itschirotime.com/our-locations/chiropractor-decatur-lithonia-stone_mountain/