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How Often Should You Get Your Carpets Cleaned?

You\’ve invested a good amount of money in your carpets and rugs; you owe it to yourself to properly take care of them. Although, several carpets and fine rugs have a built-in stain-resistant treatment to help guard against spills; however, it is important you see to any stain whatsoever as quickly as possible. Don\’t let it sit for long; otherwise it could cause permanent damage on your carpet.rnrnrnrnrnrnSo, is it necessary you request for the service of a professional carpet cleaner? Of course, Yes. However, if there is a spill, you should immediately treat your carpet according to manufactures instructions. Make sure you only use recommended carpet cleaning products. Even though there is several do-it-yourself carpet cleaning techniques you can employ, you should completely abstain from using any kind of cheap products as an alternative as this could damage your carpet completely. For more details click here: carpet cleaning newportrnrnIf you want your carpets to look like new for years to come, you should hire a professional. Professional carpet cleaners have the necessary skills and know-how to bring your carpet and rug back to an enviable look. It is advisable to have your carpet cleaning twice a week if you don’t want the stress to be too much when you want to do an intense cleaning. This will also keep your carpet inviting and functional. rnrnDo I need a Professional Carpet Cleaner?rnrnIn as much as you would not request for the service of an amateur to dry clean your pricy evening gown or tuxedo; this same applies to your carpet when cleaning is required. Your best bet is a professional carpet cleaning service.rnrnCarpet and rug cleaning is a method performed by professional rug cleaners who use special techniques and solutions to make carpet cleaning homeowners’ pride. They are specialist when it comes to washing and drying of carpets and rugs. They can clean your rugs without causing damage.rnrnAvoid Cheap Carpet CleanersrnrnMany websites and companies claim that people can clean their own carpets and rugs without a professional. All they have to do is purchase inexpensive cleaning products. These products may work for cheap carpets but you should never go near them if you use a quality carpet. The reason is obvious; most of these products contain harsh chemicals that could be harmful to your expensive carpet upon usage. These chemicals can also make your carpets fade and cause the colors to bleed.rnrnYou may be able to save a few extra dollars on carpet and rug cleaning cost; however, these chemicals can practically ruin your rugs. Several rug owners have regretted trying to clean their carpets with cheap products. So, do your carpet good by opting for the service of a professional. At Eco carpets pro, we are a leading carpet cleaner in Chesapeake, we will dance to the tune of your carpet and make your home alluring and pleasing at sight. Contact us at www.ecocarpetpro.com for a remarkable carpet cleaning in ChesapeakernBacklinks Image For Post

Eco Carpet Pro is proud to serve Newport News, Virginia. Our carpet, rug, upholstery, tile and grout cleaning will keep your home as lovely as our historic city. Did you know our Newport News’ name dates back to 1619? Don’t let your floor look as old as our heritage. You deserve to walk into a home that makes you feel great every time you open the door.  We are honored to be one of Newport News’ best local businesses!

The life of your carpet depends on the care it receives. Carpets should be professionally cleaned every six months to prevent discoloration and dirt build up. Professional carpet cleaning restores color, removes stains and makes carpets look “like-new”. We are Virginia’s premier carpet cleaners.

Professional area rug cleaning can prevent irreparable damage that comes from DIY methods of rug cleaning. Rugs should be professionally cleaned every 6-months to extend material life. We can remove stains, odors and restore rugs to “like-new” conditions.

Overtime your furniture collects dirty, stains and odors. Professional upholstery cleaning removes debris and organic substances that cannot be removed through other methods.

Grout is porous material that collects dirt and germs. Regular moping & spot cleaning does not reach hidden particles that lie deep within pores and grout lines. Only professional tile and grout cleaning can restore floors.

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