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Kesol 100, Garasol 100

Mini Petroleum Refinery offering Solgad 100, Solvesso 100, Exx-Wash 190, Fyrewash F1, Kocosol 100, Shellsol A100, Solvent C9, Kesol 100, Garasol 100.Backlinks Image For Post

Pure Ispat (Pvt) Ltd. (PIPL) formerly known as Mahagujarat Melting (Pvt) Ltd. (MMPL) incorporated on 30th March 1975, (MMPL) is setting up a Mini Steel Plant for manufacturing Bars & Ingots at Bhurkhi Village, (Gujarat). Mahagujarat Smelting Company (Pvt) Ltd. (MSCPL) is our parent company produces Specialty Metals & Metal Chemicals having manufacturing facilities at Ahmedabad (Gujarat).

Mayur Smelting Company (Pvt) Ltd. (MSCPL) incorporated on 30th March 1981, (MSCPL) produces Specialty Metals & Metal Chemicals having manufacturing facilities at Mumbai (Maharashtra).

Akar Infrastructure (Pvt) Ltd. (AIPL) incorporated on 6th December 1996, (AIPL) is an diversified company having exposure in Telecom Service Industry, (AIPL) Specialises in under ground Co-axial cable de-cabling activities under extreme & challenging conditions, AIPL also undertakes urban (Water irrigation & Civil) development projects.

Visu Stock Land (Pvt) Ltd. (VSLPL) incorporated on 11th March 1999 as an investment head, (VSLPL) has diversified investments in stock market, real estate etc.

APPL has formed joint ventures with various Government Private organization for Crude Oil treatment & processing projects as an part of forward integration in petroleum services industry.

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Heavy Aromatic Solvents, Heavy Aromatic Solvents ND

Arham Petrochem Pvt Ltd is Mini Petroleum Refinery and provide services like Heavy Aromatic Solvents, Heavy Aromatic Solvents ND, Heavy Molecule Aromatic Solvent, Mixed Aromatics Solvents, Aliphatic Solvents, Petroleum JellyBacklinks Image For Post

Arham Petrochem Private Limited (APPL) is an Mini Petroleum Refinery, located at Santej – Kalol (Gujarat) incorporated on Dt. 30th January, 1997 as an Private Limited Company – Mini Petroleum Refinery approved & recognized under Ministry of Petroleum & Natural Gas (PESO) by Government of India to process Petroleum Crude Oil, Condensates & complex.

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