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Influencing lives and patient out-comes in a variety of different settings; nurses are an integral part of the healthcare system and every medical team. Overworked, and in many cases underappreciated, the International Nurses Association has brought together the brightest minds in nursing, recognizing them for their accomplishments and creating a unified voice for the community.Backlinks Image For Post

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International Nurses Association

The International Nurses Association is committed to delivering the highest quality networking products and benefits to those medical professionals who have demonstrated a level of excellence and accomplishment in their specialty. We strive to build long term relationships with each member by providing individualized assistance tailored for their specific needs. Our goal is to support and inspire our nurses at all stages in their career in the U.S. and around the world.Backlinks Image For Post

Tina Knowes, NP-C
“Being part of an INA is an honor, but also a rewarding professional experience. I love nursing, and sometimes feel that we are overlooked by healthcare institutions for our valuable contributions. At INA they give us a place to share our knowledge and valuable insight.”INA Member, Smithtown, NY

Marie Bellino, R.N
“I had the wonderful opportunity to write an article in INA’s magazine Nurse Advisor. Words cannot express how proud I was to see my picture, name and article in print…in a real magazine that my own hospital receives! I am thrilled that INA allows nurses to be the true resource that they really are.”INA Member, Jacksonville, FL

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