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Bulletproof Kevlar Helmet – Hard Shell UAE

Looking for the best quality special force helmets, bulletproof helmets for ultimate ballistic protection? Hard Shell is the place to be!Backlinks Image For Post

Special security Forces are more likely to encounter impact weapons, thrown projectiles and other head strike hazards as they are likely to encounter gunfire. Having the safety and security of a bullet proof helmet, that will also provide impact protection is critical. The modern ballistic helmet is designed to protect soldiers from shrapnel, fragmentation as well as handgun rounds. Today’s ballistic helmet is an essential part of the special security force safety gear. Our special force helmet manufactured using advanced ceramic composites that provide ergonomic design with no lip or ear coverage area especially designed for WAT teams and special  forces to ensure maximum flexibility and comfort.  It features a multi adjustment harness with cross straps for enhanced stability and comfort.

 Bulletproof Kevlar Helmet - Hard Shell UAE https://www.hardshell.ae/wpcproduct/special-force-helmet