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Xiaomi Confirms Independence of Redmi – New Phone to be launched on January 10

The Chinese smartphone giant Xiaomi will Launch a new smartphone in China, as a separate Redmi – branded phone. It is either Redmi Pro 2 or Redmi 7 Pro.Backlinks Image For Post

With the launch of first Redmi-brand smartphone in China, Xiaomi has confirmed its independence. The blog talks more about it.

One of the biggest technology news of the year 2019 is here- Redmi has separated from Xiaomi. In the biggest move, the Chinese smartphone giant Xiaomi will release a new smartphone in China, as a separate Redmi-branded phone. It is either Redmi Pro 2 or Redmi 7 Pro.

Xiaomi President Lin Bin had already confirmed about the release of a new smartphone with a huge 48MP camera in January 2019. Now, the company’s Weibo account has an announcement that Xiaomi will hold an event in Beijing, China on January 10 for launching a new Redmi phone. With this launch, Redmi will get separated from Xiaomi as an independent brand.

The launch poster has a significant line “new independent brand” that suggests that Redmi is now an independent brand like Honor (Huawei) and Realme (OPPO). The separation of Redmi is also confirmed in the company’s another Weibo post.

As per the rumors, the upcoming phone on January 10 could be the Redmi Pro 2 mobile. It will be a successor of the original Redmi Pro phone. As per the leaked posters, Redmi Pro 2 smartphone will have a Snapdragon 675 chipset. But, the major characteristic of this phone is a robust and powerful 48MP camera.