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Tadoba booking is available online for tadoba national park Chandrapur with special discounted rates. Gets the best tadoba safari booking rates, tadoba safari package, tadoba gypsy booking and more details. Contact belowrnCall: +91 9130092330rnMail : [email protected]Backlinks Image For Post

Covering a core area of 625 sq km and additional buffer zone, Tadoba National Park is Maharashtra’s ancient and biggest forestland at Chandrapur district. The distance from Nagpur to Tadoba is nearly 150 Km. The park is also known as Tadoba Andhari Tiger Reserve after amalgamating Tadoba National Park and Andhari Wildlife Sanctuary in the year 1995.

Tadoba Andhari Tiger Reserve is home for magnificent ‘Big Cats’. Along with considerable numbers of Royal Bengal Tigers, the other prime inmates of this Tiger Reserves near Nagpur are Indian leopards, Nilgai, Dhole, Sloth bears, Deer, Gaur, Marsh Crocodile, Indian Python, Indian Cobra, wide range of exclusive bird species and many others. The dense woods of Tadoba is filled with diverse range of floral species especially Teak, Arjun, Bamboo, Bheria, Black Plum, Ain, Bija, Tendu, Beheda, Hirda, Hald, Salai, Semal, Mahua Madhuca etc. Owing to the above obvious reasons, jungle safari booking Tadoba National Park attracts wildlife enthusiasts.

If you are planning to explore the dense wilderness than Tadoba is the place to witness the King. Tadoba Tiger Reserve is one of the most famous Tiger Reserve in Maharshtra.Tadoba Safari booking and Tadoba Jungle Safari is known as the Wildlife Pride. To see the sights of rare wildlife in their natural habitat, Tadoba is the place and every one shall do one wildlife Jungle safari in Tadoba once. For the best safari tour package Tadoba Safari Stay is the place to call and Tadoba Safari Stay organizes the Jungle Safari bookings in tadoba.

Tourists have an exciting and customized packages for Tadoba Jungle safari, which includes safari bookings in Tadoba, Accommodation in Tadoba. There are many different park entry gats available in Tadoba Tiger Reserve and the bookings for Tadoba Safari is assisted as per individual choice and demand. For the exciting sightings of the beast in Tadoba Tiger Reserve, plan a fun filled trip of Tadoba Jungle Safari with Tadoba Safari Stay Nature’s Sprout.

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The jungle safari in Tadoba National Park will give you the opportunity to explore rich wildlife of the park. Now get the online jungle safari booking of Tadoba tiger reserve. Contact us for Rate & Online Booking. For Tadoba Resortsrncontact @91-7719806444rnFor reservation: [email protected]Backlinks Image For Post

A jungle lodge located in buffer zone of Tadoba national park a magical place for any wildlife or nature lover to stay. It’s just that get out of your bubble by hopping into another….. In Bodhivann! From love sphere to lost sphere..!.guest can experience a stay unlike another.

Imagine a beautiful tented accommodation amidst forest that is Bodhivann jungle camp.

Bodhivann jungle camp a luxury accommodation in Tadoba, Kolara offers a unique luxury campsite of 8 luxury tents. Whereas each tent features zip lock security and great part is that all the Tents are fenced . The camps are in the middle of a ravishing lawn. The tents contain concrete bathroom interior. This luxury accommodation in Tadoba offers the comfortable stay to our guests with plush interiors. Bush breakfast and bush dinner are served in between a beautiful view to make you experience the pristine beauty of Tadoba forest. Couples private secluded Candle light dinner can be arranged in a most delightful manner. The chef serves mouth watering multi cuisine veg & Non veg meals that is Mughlai, Indian, continental, Chinese and tandoori exclusivly in Bodhivann jungle camp.

The lawns in-front of each tent makes the stay cozy. Camp is surrounded by forest from all sides, makes the stay more thrilling in this luxurious retreat in Tadoba. There are sit-outs in front of every tents. Enjoying the cup of coffee with your loved ones makes the trip more memorable in Bodhivann Jungle Camp in Tadoba Tiger Reserve. This resort in Tadoba is well lit and offers with 24 hrs security guard at the premises for the safety of our privilege guests. This is home away from home for our guests.
Bodhivann Resort in Tadoba is pet friendly, guests with the pets are welcomed by resort team and management.There are few precautions needs to be taken care for the pet, which are informed while resort reservations.

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