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Doctor on Demand App Development Cost – Aglowid IT Solutions

With the rising popularity of medical necessities, healthcare app development is also on the rise. It is easy to see how mobile apps will play a significant role in the future of healthcare. 🙂rnrnsmartphones are the simplest way of visiting a doctor. This eliminates the problem of delaying treatment due to any reason. Access to doctors online not only saves time but also money and the environment by reducing additional commuting.rnrnIn popularity as well as demand, telehealth solutions such as the Doctor on demand app are growing rapidly. In addition to doctors and end-users (patients), organizations and clinics see the potential in apps such as these and are looking into how they can transform the sector.rnrnDYK? 🤔rnrn1. 74% of millennials prefer Telehealth appointments to in-person doctor exams.rn2. 89% of patients are willing to accept telemedicine as a sufficient form of medicalcare.rn3. 93% of clinicians believe Telemedicine is an acceptable treatment method,rn4. 60% believe Telemedicine is an effective method of patient care.rnBacklinks Image For Post

Are you aiming to build an online medicine app like Practo? Here is a comprehensive guide for getting a doctor on demand cost estimation per your budget and app requirements.

The average cost of doctor on demand apps ranges from $25,000 – $70,000. General hourly rates for a doctor on demand app developers range from $25-$150 per hour.

The need for medical necessities is only going to increase with passing years. However, with the coming time and pandemic outbreaks, it can get more difficult for people to step out and visit their doctors’ clinics for basic consultation requirements. This realization gave rise to the sudden popularity of doctor appointment apps, online medicine delivery apps and other such doctor-on-demand app solutions.

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