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You want your business to scale to new heights, keep these trends in mind and ask your custom web application development company to integrate them in your website.Backlinks Image For Post

We all are living in a fast-paced era, where the
trends undergo changes at every second. Regardless of the fashion and retail
industry or the mobile application and web development, the professionals have
to stay tuned to the recent trends that are ruling at the present. In this
scenario, web development also holds a vital position when it comes to latest

But this does not mean web development trends are only
confined to implementing new techniques and strategies in User Interface or
User Experience. Along with it, there are some other ideas too, which needs to
be followed. You should always be very well aware of every single change that
is happening around if you want to compete and succeed in this tough
competition. Above all, it helps in establishing your brand value in the online
marketplace. Top custom
web application development companies share the following trends that they believe will make
their way in 2018.

Chatbots and AI-based Web Solutions Will Undergo
Change – The must-have feature in each of the websites –
chatbot will undergo further enhancements that companies will not be required
to hire customer service executives. Although it is human-free, chatbot gives
the client the feeling as if he is conversing with the customer care executive.
The chatbot also helps in sending the apt page and choose the right kind of
product. Similarly, the Artificial Intelligence-based web solutions will
feature voice recognition technology, which will further enhance the enriching
interaction process.

The Launch of Angular 5 JavaScript Framework – Angular
5 JavaScript Framework launched back in November 2017 has been introduced with
a lot of new features and improvements, thus making it more compact, faster and
easily accessible. Moreover, the Material Design Element has been made
friendlier. The unwanted and unnecessary codes and small applications also have
also been removed. The Angular 5 web development framework has been stuffed
with other features which are highly beneficial for the end user. One such is
Progressive Web Application which has its own benefits when used.

The Trend of Single Page Website Will Prevail – With
the alterations in trends, the use of single page website that is considered
simple and elegant will prevail. This won’t create much confusion in the minds
of the users. It is developed on one page and is long and scrollable down the
order. The biggest advantage is that it will not divert the attention of the
customer as they go through the page. Since it is a single page, the hosting
charges are also affordable. Also, all the information can be accessed on one
page only. But the same will not be the case with the eCommerce websites.

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