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\”VIRTUAL CFOrn rn Start-ups and small companies require services of an expert finance leader for end to end finance matters but don\’t have resources to hire a full time Chief Financial Officer (CFO). Here, Virtual CFO comes into focus.rn rn Virtual CFO service enables a company to hire an outsourced service provider who possess high skill and ability to assist the company in financial matters.rn rn For this, we understand the business environment, skills set of your company, and your present stage in business lifecycle stage. After understanding all these issues, we take up the charge as virtual CFO and provide day-to-day support to the team and management.\”

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\”Methods of valuation of Companiesrn Valuation is an exercise or process to assess the worth of an enterprise or a property. Common valuation terms that relate to a company’s capital structure are equity value, enterprise value and invested capital value. Stated differently, enterprise value is equal to the company’s invested capital less its cash (i.e. Enterprise Value = Equity Value + Debt – Cash)rn Methods of Valuation:rn For Valuation of an enterprise or a property there are two types of Methodsrn General Methodsrn Methods which are prescribed under Law\”

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\”Valuation of the Company for Acquisitionrn Introduction:rn There are a number of situation in which a business or a share or any other property may be required to be valued, similarly while acquiring business it is important to do valuation. Valuation gives a theoretical value and it is essential to fix the value or consideration payable for an acquisition. It helps to conclude a transaction in a reasonable manner without any room for any doubt.rn Valuation Standards & Principles:rn The registered valuer shall, while conducting a valuation, comply with the following:rn valuation Standards:rn internationally accepted valuation standards;rn valuation standards adopted by any registered valuers organisationrn valuation Principles:rn Based on expectationsrn Based on future cash flowsrn Based on tangible capital assetsrn Factor should be consider while doing valuation:rn Purpose of valuation.rn Stock exchange prices of the shares of the two companies.rn The dividend paid on the shares.rn Relevant growth aspects.rn Value of the net asset.rn Quality and integrity of the management.rn Present and Prospective competition.rn Market sentiments.rn Future earning potential.rn Analysis of business history.rn Goodwill/Brand name in the market.rn Identifying economic factors directly effecting business.rn Study of exchange risk involved.\”

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\”TRANSFER PRICINGrn rn rn Transfer price is the price at which two divisions of the same company supply goods or services or labour to each other, assuming that both the divisions are separately managed profit centres.rn rn Income tax law enforces arm\’s length transaction rule on transfer pricing transactions which means sale value of a transaction between related parties must be based on similar transaction done between unrelated parties. We, at Especia Associates LLP, ensure that all transactions related to transfer pricing must be based on arm length price and both the parties should comply with the transfer pricing rules. As such, our dedicated team keeps an eye on all such transactions and keeps updating our clients about the ambit of transfer pricing.rn rn Choosing the appropriate method:rn It is essential to choose an appropriate method for determining the arm length price for the transactions under review. There are 5 main methods of transfer pricing and all of them have their own characteristics and pros & cons. Before assisting on choosing an appropriate method, our team conducts a financial analysis to identify the functions of the two entities involved in the transaction, capacity of the entities to bear risk and the involvement of assets.rn rn Our expert team considers the following aspects to provide better understanding on an appropriate method:rn rn Nature of the transaction,rn rn Class of the associated enterprises,rn rn Availability and reliability of data necessary for applying a particular method,rn rn Comparable grounds between the transfer pricing transaction and the uncontrolled transaction,rn rn Nature and extent of assumptions required in the application of the method.\”

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\”Valuation Firms, Valuation Services in Delhi, Gurgaon and Indiarn rn rn VALUATION SERVICErn Due to continuous changes in regulations and business environment, valuation has become more complex. We advise our clients on the valuation of the company, business share and asset. Our expert team ensures that our results significantly match the price a buyer or seller pays or receives. We understand that valuations are highly dependent upon forecasts and assumptions and our team ensures to take real and genuine assumptions.rn rn Also, regulatory authorities like SEBI, RBI, Income Tax and third parties like Auditors etc. rely on us for accounting and reporting purpose.rn rn Our valuation services can be segregated in the following:rn Business Valuation at the time of mergers and amalgamations,rn Valuation at the time of purchase or sale of the company,rn Valuation advise to minority shareholders and Joint Venture Partners,rn Valuation as \”\”Expert Witness\”\”rn Valuation for regulatory Compliancesrn Valuation for financial reporting purposes ensuring the compliance of IND AS and IFRS (wherever applicable)rn Valuation of intangible assets for funding purposern Valuation for private equity and venture capital entities\”

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Especia Associates LLP – India Top Accounts outsourcing Tax Consultancy firm Chartered Accountants in Delhi, Noida, Gurgaon Especia History COMPANY STORY Company HistoryOUR TEAM Especia Associates LLP is situated at the heart of the country NCR-National Capital Region; Noida (India) and have pan India and overseas business propositions and reach. Especia is committed to helping enterprises to be more competitive by becoming more adaptive, innovative, globally effective and connected by enabling tighter management of costs, risks, regulations, and supporting growth. Especia Associates LLP is a group of qualified professionals providing highly customized and efficient financial advice to various organizations on Income Tax Returns, Internal Audit, book keeping, tax and financial planning. 2010 Mr. Harshil Goyal started Operations with 2 Full time Employees as Especia Consulting a Proprietorship Firm, based in Noida Sector-27 from a 200 Sq Feet Office. We have planned to provide quality services with utmost satisfaction of our clients. 2011 CA Saurabh Anand joined for Audits & Tax Assessments and becomes the partner in the firm. Scope of Services expanded to Assurance & Assessments. Then CA Firm Name Changed to SHA & Associates. 2012 Incorporated our first company so called Especia Consulting Pvt Ltd on 14.05.2012. This Company started a portal for tax return Filing for employees of corporates having more than 500 employees. We have filed for more than 3000 returns in the first year with many Fortune 500 companies in our client list. 2013 Incorporated Our Business Consulting Arm as Especia Associates LLP on 26.04.2013. This LLP is into overall accounts outsourcing & tried to small & mid sized companies to outsource their end to end finance department & focus on their business. We have worked with more than 50 outsourcing clients within 1st year of its operations. 2014 We moved to a New Office in Sector-18, Noida with a team size of 15 Full time members. CA Sajal Goyal, A Senior Tax Expert working in Honda Group managing International taxation & Expat Taxation management joins the Board. Service Verticals of International taxation and Expat Taxation added to Firm\’s bouquet of services. 2015 Especia had started serving to Start-ups with a strategy to follow a thumb rule to grow with the growth of Firm\’s clients. Especia added services such as Fund Raising Compliance services, V-CFO Services and Valuation Services to the Firm\’s vast portfolio. Firm Catered to more than 12 clients for their end to end funding complaince & Valuations for domestic funds as well as from Singapore, US & Other Countries. 2016 We have added another Office in Noida. This office gives a strength in terms of a strong team of 30 people. We have added management assurance services to Firm\’s board such as Internal Controls & Compliance Audit and Post Investment- Cash Burn Audits. 2017 Especia Consulting has started operations globally for Offshoring assignment in US, UK, Australia & Canada. Few Senior F & A Offshoring Experts joined hands to give a speed to this business. 2018 Especia Started operations in Gurgaon. This give wings to Firm to cater whole Delhi-NCR in the domestic market. Firm became a member of TIE- Network, one of the largest enterpreneurial organization in the world.

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Especia Associates LLP is a group of qualified professionals providing highly customized and efficient financial advice to various organizations on Income Tax Returns, Internal Audit, book keeping, tax and financial planning.

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India\’s Top Accounts Outsourcing & Tax Consultancy Firm in Delhi, Noida, Gurgaon. We are a group of qualified professionals and provide financial advice to various organizations on Income Tax Returns, Internal Audit, book keeping, tax and financial planning.

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GST Consultants in Noida, Delhi, Gurgaon. We are Noida based company and highly engaged in offering GST advisory services in Noida, Delhi, Gurgaon at an affordable rate.

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In terms of ease of doing business, India is rising constantly on global map. With the implementation of GST and relaxation in compliance framework, more and more businesses are forming everyday.