Best Quality Double Charge Tile at Best Price

SakarMarbo is a well-known double charge tile manufacturer in India. We provide a wide range of double charge vitrified tile at an affordable cost. Our double charge tile is highly durable, stain-resistant, and can retain its shine for years.Backlinks Image For Post

As the name suggests, double charge tile also called double loading tiles or double loaded tiles are manufactured by infusing two layers together. The upper layer consists of the design mixture which makes almost 30% of the tile thickness (around 3 to 4mm). To develop the design layer, the tile raw material is mixed with color pigment and pressed in a hydraulic press machine under high pressure on the top of the base.

Double Charge Porcelain tiles can be put in use in high traffic areas as it is highly durable and can withstand wear and tear. It is dirt and grime resistant and can retain the shine for years. Owing to its robustness and variety of designs, it is the best-fit flooring opting in commercial spaces like hotels, restaurants, malls, libraries, airports, hospitals, and of course homes. Our range of double loaded porcelain tiles is a feasible solution for both interior and exterior applications as it is at par with the leading double charge vitrified tile manufacturers in Morbi and leading tile manufacturers in Italy and Spain.

Double Loaded Porcelain tiles are given a smooth finish with nanomaterial coating. The coating plays a major role in the beneficiary properties of the tiles like stain and wear resistant and anti-bacterial. The tiles have a homogeneous surface and it gives a very natural-like marble feel and appearance which defines luxurious vibe in your space.

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Best Quality Double Charge Tile at Best Price

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