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KI CONEQUIP concrete batching plant is very easy to install and uninstall at site. Fully assembled and well-structured welded plant is in different parts.Backlinks Image For Post

We are leading manufacturer, exporter and supplier of wide range of concrete batching plants.

You have ever seen a big machinery plants on construction sites. Do you really know the name of that plant and why it is used for? That’s called as a concrete batching plant. It’s a machine which mixes the various construction elements like sand, aggregates, water, additives and cement. These ingredients are weighed individually first & then mixed in this machine. These materials are widely used for various kinds of construction plants.
The mixing of each component is by weight but still, it’s possible to change & alter the measurement of distinct materials to keep ready different grade or a quality of concrete. Most of the grades of the concrete for our country India are as 1:2:4, 1:3:6, 1:1:2 etc. This ratio is in terms of cement, fine & coarse aggregates. It means that the mixed material has 1 part of cement, 3 parts of fines & 6 parts of aggregates. Weight is the only proportion here.
Concrete Plants Types:
Dry Mix Type:
As a name itself suggests that dry mix plants produce the recipes which are dry before dispatching them onto the transit mixer. All the needed materials such as sand, cement and aggregates are weighed & then inserted into the transit mixer. Water is then added into a transit mixer. The concrete is completely mixed in a mixer.
Wet Mix Type:
In a wet mix machine, the ingredients are measured individually & then inserted into the mixing unit then the materials are mixed homogeneously and then are dispatched the same into the transit mixer or into a pumping unit. It is known as central mix plants and they provide more consistent mixture as all ingredients are combined under the computer assisted environment that makes sure the homogeneity of a product.
Now it’s time to talk about the styles of a concrete batching plant. One is stationary and second one is mobile. Stationary type is used when contractors want to produce a mixture from one place only. They don’t have to change place more often. The size is bigger and takes more time to establish than the mobile type. Today, the mobile style batch plants are reliable, accurate and production too and are designed to execute for years to come.
This is what you should know about the basics of Concrete Batching Plant before buying and start working with this.
Why Should You Prefer KI Conequip?
KI CONEQUIP is one which offers all the above types of concrete batching plants that are in trend and contractors love to work with them. Their plants are easy to install as well install at a site in short time with the help of labors & ordinary hydra. So, what are you waiting for? Contact the KI CONEQUIP today and get installed batching plant at your site in a short time.

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Concrete batching plant manufacturer and exporter

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