Epoxy Flooring Services Dubai | Epoxy Flooring Company in Dubai

Primo provides best epoxy flooring services anywhere in Dubai, UAE, Epoxy Floor Painting, Coating, Cleaning at a reasonable price.Backlinks Image For Post

Epoxy flooring is one of the most preferred choices of flooring amongst people, mainly because of its versatility and durability. Residents of Dubai choose Epoxy flooring services because of how strong, resistant, easy to clean and maintain and value for money it is.

Primo has completed various residential and industrial epoxy flooring projects successfully in Dubai.

Our success is due to our attention to detail at each step of the way – We pay special attention when prepping the floor, making our formula, and during the application.

There are many factors that Primo has to put into consideration to achieve the best Epoxy flooring results for its clients.

At the prepping stage, Primo has to make sure that the floor is smooth and porous in order for the epoxy to bond itself to it. This means that there should be no cracks, grease, or other liquid on the floor. It also means that the floor has to be tested for any previous sealant. Any floor which is already sealed is not suitable for epoxy flooring.

Epoxy Flooring Services Dubai | Epoxy Flooring Company in Dubai https://primoms.com/maintenance/epoxy-floor/

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