Gynecomastia – Men with Enlargement of Breasts

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The condition of enlarged breast tissues in males is known as Gynecomastia. The breast tissues including the glands as well as fat can increase in volume leading to this condition that men often find unsightly. One or both breasts can get affected, although it is mostly bilateral. 

Most of the time there is no medical cause for this condition but sometimes it can be caused by certain physiological or medical conditions, some medications. It can also happen when the estrogen levels in males are high or when the testosterone levels are low.  Small amounts of estrogen, the female hormones are normal in males just like small amounts if male hormone, testosterone, is normal in females. It is when there is excess of these hormones that one can get secondary sexual characteristics like gynecomastia in males and excess facial hair in females.

Gynecomastia can occur naturally in a male’s life at different stages of life.

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