How To Create A Team In Microsoft Teams – Beyond Intranet

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With the Covid-19 pandemic going on Microsoft Teams is
gaining popularity as a collaboration hub. 
Organizations are forced to adapt remote working culture. And it becomes
essential for an organization to gather tools which can bring about seamless
collaboration within their employees. In this blog, we will discuss how we can
kick start with Teams by a simple answer like “ how to create a team within MS

Let’s first understand what is a team. A team is a
collection of people, content, and tools that work together to produce a
business outcome for your company. Teams are built on Microsoft 365 Groups,
and changes to Microsoft 365 group membership sync to the team. Teams can be
dynamic for project-based work, as well as ongoing, to reflect the internal
structure of your organization (for example, departments and office locations).
Conversations, files, and notes across team channels are only visible to
members of the team.

How To Create A Team In Microsoft Teams - Beyond Intranet

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