How2TxtHer is an in-depth, award-winning online training program on texting women that dating and relationship coach Christian Hudson created. This program teaches men how to text in a way that delights any woman from start to finish. If you are looking for such texting techniques that add a spark to your text conversation to develop strong emotional connections with a woman, click here to join now!! Backlinks Image For Post

One of the most solid ‘texting guides’ around, How2TXTHer has proved itself time and time again, through dozens of reviews. Great program by a great team. Accessible and useful for all levels of skill. Editor’s choice product.

How2TxtHer is a product released by The Social Man and authored by Christian Hudson. The product has formerly been released under the title B4UTxtHer, but was renamed to represent the updated version, written more poignantly by Christian Hudson himself. Many may be aware that the book was previously marketed by Race De Priest, the updated version is now a video product shot by a professional team specifically for Christian Hudson and The Social Man, and so represents quite a big quality/ value shift away from the old product and partnership.

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