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Kanha National Park situated in central India, State of Madhya Pradesh. This park spread a beauty of nature and attracts tourist for make a plan to kanha tour. So, Nature’s Sprout design kanha safari booking charges with affordable price. Book your tour and enjoy Kanha Park.Backlinks Image For Post

Sprawled across a vast landscape of 1945 sq km including the core and the buffer zones, Kanha National Park commonly known as Kanha Tiger Reserve is located in Madhya Pradesh, the state in central India. It was founded in the year 1955 and got the accreditation of a Tiger Reserve under project Tiger in the year 1974. The interesting terrain of the national park is one of its major attractions. It has a horse shoe shaped valley, surrounded by Maikal Range. The flowing Surpan River through Kanha’s central fields and grasslands covering the vast plateau region is the source of water of the forest inmates.

There is an exclusive destination within Kanha Tiger Reserve is Bamni Dadar, popularly known as Sunset Point. This place offers an awestruck view of bright sunbeams going down the horizon, with frisking animals at the foreground. Another outstanding attribute of this national park are the open grassy meadows, which is the common grazing field for blackbuck, swamp deer (Barsingha), sambhar and chital. Hence jungle safari booking Kanha Tiger Reserve provides an amalgamation of witnessing the beauty of nature and wilderness. The scenic Kanha National Park is known as one of the inspirations of famous writer Rudyard Kipling for his classic creation, “The Jungle Book”

Moreover, Kanha Tiger Reserve is the first Tiger reserve in India to conserve many rare species like “Barasingha” – one of the symbolic variants of hardground swamp deer. It is not only famous for saving this clan from extinction, but also is the successful breeding ground for them. Owing to its reputation for this, Kanha National Park is known to be the best managed national parks of Asia. For wildlife enthusiasts, jungle Safari Kanha is once in a lifetime achievement.

There are three types of vegetation found in Kanha National Park namely, the Moist Peninsular Sal Forests, Southern Tropical Moist Mixed Deciduous Forest and Southern Tropical Dry Deciduous Mixed Forest. The primary variety of Sal, Lendia, Dhawa, Saja, Tendu, Palas, Bija, Mahua, Aonla, Achar and Bamboo. Along with it, there are several species of climbers, forbs and grasses found here.

Kanha is unique as it houses the exclusive “Barasingha”. Additionally, it is a renowned tiger reserve of central India, as it is the home for magnificent Royal Bengal Tigers. The other inmates of this national park are Panther, Chital, Sambar, Black buck, Barking deer, Chousingha, Gaur, Langur, Wild pig, Jackal, Sloth bear, Wild dog etc from the mammal species. The reptile clan of the national park includes the presence of Python, Indian Cobra, Russell’s Viper, Common Rat Snake, Indian Krait, Common Skink, Indian Monitor, Fan Throated Lizard and Indian Garden Lizard etc. In addition to this, the reserve houses around 300 species of birds and has always been a desired destination for bird watchers.

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