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Sheelbiotech manufacture Mist Chambers which are widely used for cloning forest species including medicinal plants and for the growth and development of different types of vegetative plant organs as well as seed. To know more about mist chamber visit: sheelbiotech.comBacklinks Image For Post

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Net House Greenhouses are Ideal for Producing nurseries for vegetables, fruits and flowering/ foliage plants, Forest Nursery and Hardening of Tissue Cultured Plantlets The Net houses protect plants from excess sunlight and provide the required quantity of sunlight to stimulate the optimum plant growth. Crops in net house are also protected against damage from birds, insects etc. The Shade nets are available in different shade percentage adjusting to different crops and a diversity of conditions.

Rainout shelter is designed to prevent the experimental plots from rains and high speed wind. Rainout shelter facility is provided in customized sizes asked by customers as per their needs. Different models i.e. static & movable are available. Movable model has automatic and manual versions. Automatic version is motorized and is signaled by a rain sensor to move over the protected plot by a drive system controlled by microprocessor.

Mist Chambers are widely used for cloning of forest species including medicinal plants and for growth and development of different types of vegetative plant organs as well as seed. Mist chambers are suitable for maintaining ambient humidity and temperature that helps in rooting of cuttings of Eucalyptus, Bamboos and other medicinal plants species and hardening of Tissue-Cultured plants.

Polyhouse is for the controlled cultivation of vegetables; tomato, cucumber, capsicum etc. and cut flowers; rose, gerbera, carnation etc. This technology is useful in improving the productivity of crops qualitatively and quantitatively by 2-5 times as compared to open environment. These polyhouses helps to facilitate round the year production of desired crops and permits off-season production by way of controlling light, temperature, humidity, carbon dioxide level and nature of root medium. All functions can be automated with a control system.

Mist Chamber https://sheelbiotech.com/greenhouse-structure.html

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