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We\’ve developed a next generation mobile payment platform that accelerates e-commerce by providing a seamless and simplified consumer experience that allows consumers to pay with a scan of their mobile device. Read this article to know more about how our mobile payment platform have accelerated E-commerce.rnBacklinks Image For Post

Thanks to the proliferation of smartphones, access to cheap internet, and exponential growth in mobile applications’ availability, mobile payments have emerged as one of the most viable modes of transactions. Mobile payments are quick, secure, convenient, and contactless and hence are used widely by people globally.

The ongoing pandemic has had a tremendous impact on the growth of mobile payments. This is evident from a survey that revealed that 78% of global consumers admitted that they would explore alternate modes of contactless payment due to the risks arising from the pandemic. It is predicted that by 2024, mobile payments will account for one-third of all consumer payments.

Mobile payments have disrupted the way businesses get paid. With the continuous use of mobile devices by consumers on the rise, mobile payment has also increased. Mobile payments include:

Mobile commerce is dominating the market share of global e-commerce. 79% of all smartphone users have shopped at least once in the past six months using their mobile device. The users either directly use the shopping apps or shop on their web browsers. Google Pay has been the preferred mobile payment platform for most Indian users.

Mobile Payment Trends that Have Accelerated E-commerce - Wibmo Inc

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