Understanding Where Should your Customer Service Efforts be Focused

In order to achieve business growth and build a credible brand, a business needs to deliver stellar customer service and experiences. In fact, research indicates that a whopping 79% of customers prefer to buy from businesses that care. Backlinks Image For Post

We live in a digital age, where people utilize so many channels of communication to reach out to a brand. Businesses are often wondering where to focus when it comes to customer service. Instead of customers reaching out to you, as a business focus on serving your customers on channels they are available and comfortable usingLet’s find an answer to the biggest dilemma enterprises face in this digital era. Where a brand’s customer service effort should is focused?● Offering Omnichannel supportOmnichannel support refers to having a presence on every channel (email, chat, social media, phone, and more) where your customers are active. If you were to run a chain of furniture stores and also sell them online on your website and other e-commerce platforms, you should typically provide in-store support staff, social media support on all possible platforms your target customers use, Email support, phone support, and live chat support.The objective here is to make sure that customers can reach out to you easily and have a seamless experience no matter whatever channel they use. It is also imperative to clearly iterate the response time across channels. For example, list the hours and time for live chat support on your website so that customers know when to contact you.● Fast and convenient customer supportInvest in contact center software with in-built smart features such as interactive voice response (IVR), automatic call distribution (ACD), call forwarding, predictive and auto-dialers. This will ensure a quick response time, fewer call drop rates, no waiting time, efficient processes, translating to fast and convenient customer support. People are today as pressed for time, no one wants to spend long hours with customer care agents to resolve their queries.● Offer self-help optionsToday customers are well-informed, independent, and believe in the philosophy of ‘do-it-yourself.’ Most of them prefer doing their own research to get answers to their questions rather than going through the hassle of calling or writing to customer care teams. It is a great idea to have a detailed FAQ section on the website for most commonly asked questions, product demo videos, and step-by-step guide to resolve common issues customers may face.● 24×7 supportCustomers today want instant solutions and instant gratification. Leverage the modern IP-telephony technology to provide 24×7 customer supports. Most new-age omnichannel contact center software enables agents to work remotely. In order to provide 24×7 customer support, you can hire agents working in different time zones in different parts of the world.● Analytics-based corrective actionModern contact center software tracks important metrics and provides detailed reports which highlight the problem areas, help identify areas that require improvement, help identify training areas, and a lot more. Act on this data to improve processes, and improve your customer service.Build experiences your customer’s value!More than the product or service, the new-age customer values experiences they have with a brand. Investing in the right technology and UC solution can help you truly focus on areas of customer service that really matter.About HoduSoftHoduSoft is well-known for being cost-effective and the best VoIP software provider that in turn make your business successful. With a dedicated approach towards developing world-class products, HoduSoft has emerged as leading business VoIP software provider. With a wide array of products, HoduSoft also ensures best returns on technological investments. Having a decade long experience in the VoIP industry, founders of HoduSoft have decided to come up with various innovative products for communication.To know more visit https://hodusoft.com/

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